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$5 Dragon Siege - Episode Five The Collectible Signature Series !

?Full speed ahead. Follow that army of Techno-dragons.? Eric Hart snapped, onboard the starship Voyan. He stared out of the triangular window at the front of the control room called the viewplate at the horde of flying dragons that flew across the starry sky. His blue eyes opened wide. He brushed up a wave of brown hair. They had left the huge Krillan Transport behind and now were flying straight at the planet named Krunos. ?Eric.? Diane?s dark-haired face came up on the command screen. ?There?s an unknown star fighter closing on our position.? ?Got ?em.? Eric snipped. ?A communication beam is coming in. I guess they want to talk to us.? He tapped some colorful symbols on the mirror surface of his keyboard. Quickly, chimes rang in his headphones. ?This is Eric Hart of the starship Voyan,? he said to the screen. He adjusted the black disks of the headphones on his ears that had microphones and wireless connections to their communications system. ?This is Elfan. I am a Krillan Ranger. You have violated our territory. Stay away from the planet of Krunos.? An image came up on his screen. Eric stared at the large leaf-shaped eyes on the round furry head that had long pointed ears. ?The Techno-dragons are attacking Krunos. We?re here to stop them.? ?There is no need for you to interfere here. I am the law in this star system. Krunos belongs to the Krillan Rangers.? ?You don?t know who you?re dealing with.? Eric said in an angry tone. ?Tark is a space beast. Electrostatic technology has given him strange powers.? ?I don?t care.? Elfan yelled. ?The Krillan Rangers have been guarding the planet for eons. I have sworn to protect Krunos to my last breath. Have a care Eric of Voyan, a Krillan Ranger attacks!? Suddenly, a dazzling power beam struck the energy armor of the starship Voyan. Ripples in the powerful protective energy flowed by the viewplate. ?I guess he wants a fight.? The curly-haired helmsman named Josh quipped. Eric pushed on his control grips. The white teardrop shape of the Voyan swooped over the tiny star fighter very quickly. ?Fire!? A searing laser beam from the Voyan blasted the Krillan ship. Orange and blue sparks swirled up from a small wing. Green balls of energy flew at the Voyan. Each one struck the energy armor violently. Eric pushed on his grips quickly. The Voyan swooped downward. A brilliant yellow beam hit the rear of Elfan?s fighter. A dazzling flash lit up the control room. The engines of the star fighter exploded. ?Josh. Turn hard and come up along side of him.? Eric grabbed the helmet to his cosmic spacesuit and hurried into the hallway. He slapped the chrome helmet on his shoulders. It was the silver knight that stared at the blue energies of a transfer tube whirling out to him. Teon had created the transfer tubes that swirled over the outside hatches, so they could easily go from ship to ship through powerful tubes of energy. Eric stepped quickly into the tube. The hatch on the Krillan fighter whirled open. The silver knight grabbed the smaller figure of Elfan and then ran back into the transfer tube. The tube pulled him through the energy hatch onboard the Voyan. He jumped through the hatch. It spun closed behind the two. The teardrop shape of the Voyan swooped away very quickly. With a brilliant flash, the Krillan fighter exploded in a dazzling fireball. Eric stared at the explosion in the viewplate. The flash highlighted his strong face. He put the chrome helmet up on his console. ?Thank you, milord.? Elfan said coughing slightly. ?You have saved me.? ?I told you we were here to help.? Eric snapped. ?I can see now that you are the legendary humans from the Starbeam War. It is an honor to meet you.? Elfan wiped his small furry face looking up at Eric with large oval eyes. It reminded him very much of a cartoon face of some deer or antelope. ?But, who would attack such a sacred planet as is Krunos?? ?It?s a space beast called Tark. He used his electrostatic technology to get control of a Teonar wizard named Mystra. He combined her powers with his and transformed the large force of androids into an army of techno-dragons.? ?The evil Mystra? Here on Krunos. This is an outrage!? Elfan yelled. ?That?s what I?m trying to tell you. Tark has control of the female Mystra by some form of telepathic energy. And, she has the Kell Medallion.? ?The wicked Mystra has the Kell Medallion?? Elfan snapped angrily. ?Yes. And she has been transformed into a techno-dragon by the evil Tark.? ?The Kell Medallion is even more powerful than Teon?s crystalline technology. But if Mystra learns to activate the medallion she could destroy the entire Teon realm.? ?Exactly.? Eric snipped. ?This is not good.? Elfan said quickly. ?I shall join forces with you. I have heard rumors of a new silver warrior here in the Teon realm. Surely, that silver warrior is you.? Eric looked over at his console to the chrome helmet of his cosmic spacesuit. The silver knight shook his head and smiled. Then, he spoke. ?Okay, Josh. Take us down there.? The white teardrop shape of the starship Voyan soared down through a bank of clouds. A spirited flash of color flew past their energy armor. The clouds broke. Suddenly, shimmering in the viewplate was a complex of towers and crystal castles. ?The major spaceport for Krunos.? Elfan said quietly, pointing out of the viewplate. ?It is of the Xaron rays of which you speak.? Eric looked over. His forehead wrinkled. ?That is the word we use to describe the powerful beams of our electrostatic technology. Obviously, Tark was on that Krillan transport for a long time. He must have learned well how to use the Xaron rays.? ?Look at this.? Josh said pointing at his screen. ?The Techno-dragons are attacking the spaceport.? They all stared out at the complex of crystal towers. The battle started right before their eyes. Soaring android figures swooped in and out of the towers. A dozen Krillan fighters exploded in dazzling flashes of light. With brilliant beams of orange and red, the techno-dragons attacked the spaceport defenses. Huge laser cannons atop tall gleaming towers burst into flames. The army was ruthless. They destroyed everything in their path. Elfan?s eyes opened wide. His thin lip snarled. His beloved planet named Krunos was under siege. ?They shall not do this to the holy halls of Krunos!? ?Okay crew. Everyone go to battle alert!? Eric yelled. ?Let?s get that monster!? Get your special Signature Preview of the latest novel by S J C Willems titled The Starbeam War. This limited edition collectible preview is available from Voyan Books all for the low cost of $4.50 + $0.50 postage and handling. That?s just 5 bucks! Pay via PayPal. Send your request to (contact me). Be sure to put ?Signature Preview? in the subject. FREE info is always available. Just put ?Free Info? in the subject. 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