Atwater Kent early Model 10 Breadboard radio in Hanson, MA

Atwater Kent early Model 10 Breadboard radio You are viewing an Atwater Kent early Model 10 breadboard radio with two sets of tubes, working, with all supplies, speaker, headphones and wiring harness. This AK breadboard radio is in very good original condition. The finish is very good and untouched. The tuner condensers are type F and have the brass tags. The paper tag is on the bottom. Everything top and bottom is very clean with no major rework evident. I have spent three weeks bringing every part of this radio to full functioning order. All power supplies are included. One tube set of 301s are matched Cunninghams, top of the scale, tested tubes. The other set of tubes are O1As, brass-based, clear bulb, tipped tubes for show.
This set is not fully shown in my Riders or any other schematics. My documentation package included with this radio will show the antenna lead in with inductance taps and a corresponding tap switch. This radio does not have the tap switch and therefore I call this a very early Model 10 set.
I have opened up the three-tube island and cleaned and restored all the hardware. I removed and tested the potted audio transformers and re-potted them. They are newer replacements. The inside of the can is cleaned and painted. I also removed the 1st RF transformer and soldered a broken lead. The 1st RF stage was removed and the rheostat was cleaned. The 2.4 meg. resistor and the .2 MFD capacitor have been replaced with slightly newer and fully tested components.
I have conducted a point to point wiring and component test of the entire radio. I left the good stuff alone and professionally fixed the broken items. I have taught soldering techniques for 35 years. I documented all of my work for you. There is one fly in the ointment that I need to share with you. In spite of all my circuit work and my polishing all tube contacts, there is an intermittent contact within the three-tube island. Do not even bother to go looking for it. I did and never found it. It shows itself as a reduction in volume and moving any of the three tubes allows the set return to maximum volume. I have shimmed the tubes to fit exactly within it's dedicated location.
The Majestic Super B B+ and C+ power supply is also cleaned, tested and burned in for many hours. I did not re-cap it. It has performed flawlessly for many hours at full voltage. The supply operates at 110 VAC so you will need to supply a Variac to run this supply at the rated voltage or risk damage. I can supply this part. The radio provides room-filling volume on 16 VDC and 65VDC. A modern, analog, regulated filament supply is provided. You can never burn out the tubes as the voltage is regulated to 5 VDC at all times. This supply is mounted and lacquered for a nice appearance.
The speaker is a Tower, Meister Singer in fair condition. It has been cleaned and lacquered to show the patina and still be presentable. The original driver was an Atwater Kent unit but it failed to produce the sound available from this horn. I have installed a very clean Nathanial Baldwin open frame driver using the most unique design you have ever seen. It plays loud and clear! The headphones are Baldies, of course. An Atwater Kent horn in good condition but missing the base and the original Atwater Kent driver are also included in this auction. Please telephone me and I will play the set for you. Please see all of the pictures including my workshop and equipment. My pictures will show you a well restored, clean and fully functional Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard.
You have not seen a package on eBay offered like this before. You will thrill to all of the sound that this set was designed to deliver for many years. I recommend that you take advantage of my full technical support unless you are well versed in Atwater Kent equipment. Packing will be in several carefully designed cartons. $1950.00 for all. $1500 radio only.

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